Things that haunt me: C.S. Lewis on “The Inner Ring”

The other day in class one of my professors told us that he hopes things from his class will “haunt” us five years down the road.

He was using haunt to describe how he wanted some items from class to continually be in the back of our minds long after tests, the news of the day, and our current situations pass away. These resources, quotes, thoughts, or ideas aren’t meant to carry negative connotations. Rather, they are to be things that stick with us long after we initially encounter them.

Since it is my final year in Divinity school, I’ve been thinking alot about things that I’ve come across over the years that haunt me. I share some of these with you in hopes that they will haunt you as well.

The first thing I want to share in this series of posts is an essay by C.S. Lewis entitled “The Inner Ring” that I was assigned in my ethics class last year.

You can read it here: C.S. Lewis – “The Inner Ring”

When I finished reading this essay, I sat stunned.

The article was written as if C.S. Lewis had watched me live for the past 24 years and struggle with the inclination towards exclusivity that he beautifully describes and warns against.  His advice is priceless.

I hope that you’ll find it haunting as well.

What books, quotes, essays, etc. have you come across that haven’t left you years later?



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